A Pastor’s Take: Repairing Democracy for Black Lives

This week in Religious Socialism, we provide an excerpt and link to our own Rev. Andrew Wilkes’ dynamic new article in Religion & Politics, A Pastor’s Take: Repairing Democracy for Black Lives”:

 "Elections will continue to be an important but painfully piecemeal exercise in progress without the redistribution of wealth, wider membership in unions, and the leveraging of public investment—taxation, monetary policy, and trade policy—in order to meet public needs . . .

“Instead of capitalism, a participatory socialism happens when everyday people can help make choices about our common life, from regional planning and public banking to setting the agenda for local economic development."

We are grateful for Rev. Wilkes’ leadership with his pen and his voice. So don’t forget to reserve your spot for his conversation with the Poor People’s Campaign’s Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis—and our breakout conversations afterward--next Thursday, August 20th at 7:30 PM EDT. You can RSVP here.


Image by Johnny Silvercloud, CC BY-SA 2.0