Indigenous Peoples Day Discussion: The Attack on the Haudenosaunee

In recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day, we lift up this Skä•Noñh Center-hosted free live-streamed discussion on Saturday of the largest assault on Native nations in U.S. history, the Sullivan-Clinton campaign, an attack on the Haudenosaunee by General George Washington 240 years ago.

Drawing from Indigenous perspectives to challenge settler-colonial narratives, speakers discuss land theft, broken treaties, and attacks on Haudenosaunee sovereignty to show how this historical trauma lives on and informs contemporary xenophobia, racism, and sexism.

Panelists include Alyssa Mt. Pleasant (Historian and Scholar of Native American & Indigenous Studies, University of Buffalo), Andrea Lynn Smith (Professor of Anthropology, Lafayette College, Easton, PA), Jake Haiwhagai'i Edwards (Onondaga Nation, Eel Clan), and Robert Venables (Professor Emeritus, Cornell University). Philip Arnold (Associate Professor and Religion Dept. Chair, Syracuse University) will facilitate the discussion.

The event will be FREE & LIVE-streamed on:
• Facebook @SkaNonhCenter, @IndigenousValues
• Twitter @SkaNonhCenter, @IndigenousVI
• YouTube @IndigenousValuesInitiative 

Date of Event: Saturday 10 October 11-1:00pm

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Image by Andy Everson, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)