The Religious Socialism podcast features monthly interviews with leading religious activists and thinkers on social justice, politics and faith—with a good dose of socialism. We take care to spotlight women, LGBTQ+ folks and people of color who are at the forefront of change. 

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Host: Sarah Ngu. Producer: Devin Briski. Music: "Made and Broken" by Hugel

Latest interview:

Kelli Dunham

This is an equal parts hilarious and insightful episode of Religious Socialism podcast. Kelli Dunham is an author, comedian and storyteller — she’s the founder of Queer Memoir, a storytelling series for the queer community and stand-up comedian. But in this podcast, she recounts her religious history — from her childhood attending drive-in churches in Florida, her time at a gay conversion camp, and seven years as a nun in the Missionaries of Charity. Between laughs, she reaches some poignant truths about similarities in the socialist ethic among churches and queer communities, and how laughter can be a healing force. See below to learn more about Kelli Dunham: KelliDunham.com

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