The Religious Socialism podcast features monthly interviews with leading religious activists and thinkers on social justice, politics and faith—with a good dose of socialism.

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Host: Sarah Ngu. Producer: Devin Briski. Music: "Made and Broken" by Hugel

Our latest interview is with Avi Garelick. Avi wears many hats: he runs a Hebrew school associated with the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York city, he is active in Northern Manhattan is Not For Sale, an anti-gentrification group focused on Washington Heights and Inwood, and he's a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. In this interview, Garelick describes participating in a rent strike when his landlord turned off the heat, how his socialist philosophy informs his role as a manager at his job and how the Jewish concept of redemption guides his social justice activism.


(Photo by Noah Benus)

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