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Latest episode:

Our latest episode of “Heart of a Heartless World” features an interview with Imaan Javeed, a writer and medical student, discussing the relationship between Islam and socialism.

“There are so many different statements in the Quran and in the Hadith that clearly point to the goal of the society being to provide for the needs of everyone, and discussing how can we create a more just society. The Quran itself says, ‘Work towards justice, even if it means justice against yourself.’ So any step we take towards a more socialist society is taking a step towards that goal of being able to provide for everyone's needs. And it's just really clear as day.”

“Another connection between Islam and socialism is that they are both ‘dirty words’ that are smeared by the media and the establishment . . . Much like socialism, Islam has this targeted misinformation campaign against it launched by powerful people. Education and teaching people what Islam is actually about and what socialism is actually about is an important way to fight back.”

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To learn more about Islam, Imaan Javeed suggests the following resources:

· Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions, islamhouse.com/en/books/50418/
· The Yaqeen Institute. yaqeeninstitute.org/research/
· Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, ispu.org

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