The Religious Socialism podcast , Heart of a Heartless World, features monthly episodes that include interviews with leading religious activists and thinkers on social justice, politics and faith—with a good dose of socialism. We take care to spotlight women, LGBTQ+ folks and people of color who are at the forefront of change. 

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Our Producer is Jeremy McMahan. Music by Abhay Brennan-Torell and Jeremy McMahan. Episodes are hosted by members of the DSA Religion and Socialism Working Group.

Latest episode:

Our latest episode of “Heart of a Heartless World” features an interview with Kristin Jordan, aka KRJ, a poet and activist in the Harlem community, where she has started an independent publishing company that focuses on Black and Latino literary activists. She is a member of DSA and is the Social Justice Chair for United Methodist Women at Salem Church, as well as being an active Buddhist.

KRJ shares with us her years of experience in the Black Lives Matter and police accountability movements, and what opportunities and challenges she sees in the current wave of activism. She also talks about how her Christian and Buddhist practices complement each other, and about attending an event to support women candidates, only to discover that the candidate that should come forward was her! Now, KRJ is aiming to take her activism to City Hall as a candidate for New York City Council. Enjoy this conversation, and for more information check out kristinforharlem.com/

Follow the podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes. Here's our RSS feed.

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