The Religious Socialism podcast features monthly interviews with leading religious activists and thinkers on social justice, politics and faith—with a good dose of socialism. We take care to spotlight women, LGBTQ+ folks and people of color who are at the forefront of change. 

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Host: Sarah Ngu. Producer: Devin Briski. Music: "Made and Broken" by Hugel

Latest interview:

Rabbi Michael in support of Khalil Gibran Academy 

Rabbi Michael Feinberg is the executive director of The Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition, whose goal is to build a long term alliance between the faith community and labor movements in New York City. He's spent decades as a multi-faith activist building diverse coalitions to advocate for workers' rights. In this interview, we discuss why he prefers the term "multi-faith" to "interfaith," what he learned from Father Daniel Berrigan's radical anti-nuclear protests, the heritage of Bundism (historical secular Jewish socialist movement), and what he thinks the role the faith community can play in the fight for worker's rights.

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