Why Pastors Should Support Labor Organizing

This week’s Religious Socialism blog post lifts up and links to an important and timely article written by Religion and Socialism Working Group activist Sarah Ngu and published in Faith and Leadership Here is a snippet:

“As the executive director of my church in New York City, I pray with my congregants about work more than anything else. They often don’t have work, don’t receive enough money from work to pay bills, or are experiencing incredible stress because of an exploitative boss . . .

“Just as clergy rely on therapists and doctors to take care of our congregants’ health needs that we can’t address, so too we rely on labor organizers to meet their job-related needs that we can’t. And that’s why Christian leaders have a responsibility to support the efforts of those who help workers organize.”

The full article can be accessed here.

Image from Pixfuel.com CC BY 2.0