The Islamic Liberation Reading List

This week’s post is a snippet and link to “The Islamic Liberation Reading List,” just published by the Los Angeles Review of Books during Eid al-Adha. The list was compiled by Asad Dandia, a member of the new DSA Muslim Caucus, announced in our blog on May 28th. The Caucus’ membership includes Religion and Socialism contributors Imaan Javeed, Sirad Hassan, Samy Amkieh, and Abdelhamid Arbab.

From the list introduction:

“The Islamic Liberation Reading List aims to offer both a contribution and a critique to help readers grapple with our contemporary global crises, during where movements animated by racial, economic, gender, and environmental injustice (among others) have mobilized in the pursuit of a better world. . . . What does the Islamic tradition, in all of its colors and streams — and to which nearly a fourth of humanity lays claim — have to say to us now? This is the question to which the Islamic Liberation Reading List attends.”

Image from Pikist.