Politics and Religion in the United States

Politics and Religion in the United States - Michael Walzer Continue reading

Overcoming Despair About the Climate Crisis

    by John Bell   We face an unprecedented threat to human and planetary life as we know it. Half our fellow species extinct by end of this century is an unthinkable loss.  Continue reading

The Poor with Us and in Us

  Ten Years Ago in RS: External and Internal Poverty Continue reading

Re-making the Jericho Road: Martin Luther King and Economic Justice

  by Andrew Wilkes On the forty-seventh anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Andrew Wilkes offered these remarks at a workshop sponsored by New York DSA. They have been adapted for publication. Continue reading

Earth Week Special: Johnny Appleseed, Green Radical

  Folk tales don’t command much respect in the United States. In a country so addicted to the future that events half a century old seem to belong to a dim past, the folk tales that recall events from the early days of the country’s history are seen as fit only as children’s stories. But just like good children’s stories, good folk tales are not simple, and they are not tame. Take Johnny Appleseed, the wandering nurseryman who planted apple trees along the frontier. Continue reading